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Can yarns change the world? We think they can. As a carpet manufacturer, architect, designer, or sustainability manager, you have the unique opportunity to change the world for the better every day. By including sustainable yarns in your carpet designs, you can take the future into your own hands.

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There are many ways to introduce sustainable yarns into your carpet solutions. On this platform, we will show you how you can reach your sustainability targets faster and more efficiently.

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Did you know that …


of all textiles worldwide are recycled into new textiles?


tons of carpet are disposed of in the EU every year, mostly on landfills and in incinerators?


of plastic waste will be recycled for use in new products by 2025, as committed by the carpet industry?

The future is circular.

It’s an exciting time for organizations that are stepping up to build a sustainable future. Worldwide, the idea of the circular economy is gaining traction. Manufacturers today are embracing the concept of eco-design to develop products that just last longer. Products no longer need to end up as waste, but they can be repurposed into something new.


However, eco-design alone is not enough.
By re-evaluating our business models and value chains we can also implement circularity in our interaction with customers and suppliers.
Let’s take on this challenge today to be ahead tomorrow.

What is circular yarn manufacturing?

The yarn is the core material for carpets. Carpet manufacturers in search of sustainable yarns have several circularity options:

  • Yarn produced with renewable sources

    yarns that save on fossil resources by using renewable energy sources in the value chain

  • Recycled content yarn

    products that contain more recycled or reclaimed content, collected either from the production process or from external streams

  • Low-impact PA6 carpet yarn

    PA6 carpet yarn with a lower CO2 footprint, based on the most recent innovations in polymer production

Why this website? is here to guide you on your search for sustainable yarns for your commercial, residential or automotive carpet solutions.

As a responsible manufacturing professional or designer, you want to reach your sustainability targets and contribute to a sustainable world. However, the story is complex. Contrary to what some manufacturers may suggest, there are no silver bullet solutions.

The good news is that there is already so much we can do today. This website will support you in rethinking your business models, and help you move towards more sustainability.

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