Low-impact yarns

Leverage the low-impact value chain

Yarn manufacturers realize most of their greenhouse gas emissions via the value chain, especially via so-called scope 3 emissions. As the most important supplier for yarn producers, the chemical industry is constantly innovating towards more sustainable alternatives to traditional polymers, the essential building blocks of yarns.

Low-impact yarns are based on these continuous innovations. They make use of the latest manufacturing processes and process efficiencies that enable yarn manufacturers to lower their carbon footprint with nearly 50%.

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Reducing impact by increasing efficiency

Continuous process improvements in polymer production have allowed manufacturers to significantly reduce their impact. By offering lower-impact polymers, yarn manufacturers and carpet manufacturers now have more options to reduce their own impact and improve their sustainability.

Today’s low-impact yarns are made possible by:

  • Increased process & energy efficiency in polymer manufacturing
  • Increased use of green energy
  • Reduction of waste


Low-impact yarns

EqoYarn is a low-impact PA6 carpet yarn that is based on the most recent innovations in polymer production. Through significant process efficiencies, EqoYarn nylon yarns have a carbon footprint lower than 4 kg CO2 eq. /kg yarns, a reduction of up to 46%, compared to conventional PA yarns.

For its EqoYarn BCF production, B.I.G. Yarns has been able to select polymer suppliers that have made major steps forward in terms of sustainability. Thanks to continuous investments in process efficiency, green energy, heat optimization and waste reduction, these suppliers have been able to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to the benefit of the yarn manufacturing industry.

Polymers represent up to 95% of the raw materials of yarns. They have a fundamental impact on the carbon footprint of B.I.G. Yarns’ most recent EqoYarn product family. Thanks to the latest advancement in low-impact yarn production, carpet manufacturers can make comparable steps in their journey towards lower impact.

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