Recycled content yarn

Stopping carpet waste in its tracks

Yarns that contain recycled or reclaimed content, either from the yarn production process or from external streams, can drive the circularity of the industry.

By using recycled content in the yarn production process, manufacturers not only reduce waste, but also realize significant energy savings and carbon emission reductions. Including recycled content yarn into their value chain can help carpet manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals faster and more efficiently.

Use waste as a resource

By using recycled content in yarns, waste is becoming a valuable source for reuse. Reusing or repurposing yarn content can come from waste generated during the production process (pre-consumer or post-industrial), or from reclaimed carpet materials (post-consumer).

Reduce your carbon footprint

Yarn manufacturers that use more recycled content need fewer virgin materials. In turn, reducing the production of virgin materials will result in a decrease of fossil fuels and energy consumption, all of which have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Pre-consumer recycling

Pre-consumer or post-industrial recycling means that rejected materials from the yarn production process are reused as feedstock for new products. In a process of chemical recycling, the yarn production waste is then processed and made ready for new applications.

This contrasts with post-consumer recycled content, which has already gone through an entire lifecycle of use, with possible consequences for material quality.



Recycled content yarns for contract and automotive carpets

EqoCycle is a fully recyclable polyamide 6 (PA6) yarn with 75% recycled content, offering the same high-quality performance of virgin PA6 yarn.

EqoCycle uses chemically recycled PA6 waste which has been recovered for recycling prior to use by the consumer. These pure waste materials come directly from manufacturing, also known as post-industrial waste.

With EqoCycle, carpet manufacturers have a powerful sustainable yarn alternative that does not jeopardize the performance and quality of their end product.

EqoCycle helps companies to optimize their CO2 reduction and to put a limit to their greenhouse gas emissions.

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